Modern Building Design

  • Duration: 6 Hrs
  • Provider: Futurelearn
  • Course Fee:Subscription
  • Course Delivery Method: Self Paced

This course is designed for anyone interested in modern building design processes, young people considering careers in the field and professionals. If Climate change, technology and regulation are changing modern building design, and the professional practices of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. This online course explores these trends, highlighting how higher education and the construction sector can address them.

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What you will learn

  • The links between Higher Education and the Modern Building Design industry
  • The emerging role of the design manager
  • The importance of information modelling for enhanced design
  • New sustainable construction materials and techniques
  • Water-sensitive design for increased resilience
  • Buildings and their impact on health and wellbeing
  • Certificate
  • Instructors
    Ricardo Codinhoto
  • Age Group
  • Institution
    University of Bath
  • Difficulty Level
  • Category
    Courses in Design & Fine Arts
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