Python for Data Science Fundamentals

  • Duration: 10 Hrs
  • Provider: DataQuest
  • Course Fee:Subscription
  • Course Delivery Method: Self Paced

This is an absolute beginner course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Python programming as it relates to data science. There are no prerequisites, so you can jump right into learning how to explore, analyze, and manipulate datasets.

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What you will learn

  • Discover the fundamentals of programming with Python
  • Write your first computer program
  • Understand basic programming concepts like variables and data types
  • Perform basic programming operations like arithmetic and string concatenation
  • Save values using variables and update variables
  • Learn how to work with numerical data and text data
  • Work with lists and even lists of lists in Python
  • Use Python to open a dataset stored on a file
  • Analyze data using Python for loops
  • Uncover Python conditionals such as if, else, and elif statements
  • Utilize logical operators and comparison operators
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    Courses in Computer Science & IT
  • SubCategory
    Data Science
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