Robotics Essentials – Designing and Building Robotic Systems

  • Duration: 60 Hrs
  • Provider: Emeritus
  • Course Fee:Paid
  • Course Delivery Method: Self Paced

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What you will learn

  • Why automation and robotics?
  • Learn the fundamentals of robotic and automation systems to evaluate opportunities and barriers for adoption and implementation
  • Design and development of robotics
  • Identify robot subsystems and various architecture paradigms and articulate the roles that sensing, planning, and control play when considering a full robotic system.
  • Sensing and perception – Delve into the important roles that sensors play in robotic architecture to understand how robots accomplish tasks.
  • Robot decision-making – Explore robot task planning and how to use planning models and decision processes as tools to program robot decision-making actions
  • Motion planning and trajectory generation
  • Examine motion planning and its applications – manipulation planning and navigation planning – to understand how it can be successfully integrated into various robotic systems
  • Establishing control – Learn the basics of function and movement of various parts of a robot system, including several fundamental techniques and characteristics that impact movement performance
  • Concurrency and real-time systems – Discuss and evaluate how to manage challenges of robot concurrency, the tendency for things to happen at the same time in a robotic system, and how to use real-time scheduling and real-time requirements to order and sequence robot tasks within a constraint time frame
  • Human-robot interaction – Complete a thorough examination of human-robot interaction (HRI), including why it is needed, the challenges it presents in real-world deployments, and the connection between robot decision-making and robotic development
  • Present and future of robotics – Highlight approaches and automation characteristics that might benefit certain robotic systems and come full circle to the role of robots in society as you look towards the future
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