Emerging job opportunities in the generative AI era 


The accelerated shift in digital transformation recently is solid evidence that AI transformation in the coming years is inevitable. AI tools are actively being developed and researched on a large scale across the globe. According to Statista, the AI market growth will be 20 folds by 2023 which is nearly 2 trillion in US dollars. This aggressive rise of AI will significantly impact the job market across the globe. Skills like cloud computing and AI are in high demand. Similarly, AI tools like ChatGPT are assisting many professionals. Many believe AI will reduce job opportunities, however, at the same time it will positively create new opportunities in certain sectors. How? Let’s check out: 

Rise of micro-entrepreneurs

Traditional job professionals or experts can move towards freelancing and adopt solo entrepreneurship. With the rise in AI tools that reduce human efforts for many automated tasks, it allows professionals to work independently at their own pace, will, and terms. For instance, AI tools like Chat GPT, 10 Web, Scribe, etc., help individuals to make money as freelancers. Increasing the use of such tools will directly impact the increasing number of freelancers. Thus, the flow of money as freelancers or micro-entrepreneurs will increase. 

Rise of prompt engineers in the corporate world 

The development of AI-focused software, tools, and more is on the rise. So, individuals with skills contributing to AI development will have high demand in the coming years. Job roles like data scientists, data engineers, AI developers, machine learning engineers, data architects, and more. These job roles revolve around understanding data patterns, enabling predictions, preparing data sets, etc. According to Coursera, the need and growth of AI engineers from 2021 and 2031 will be 21%. Post-pandemic, the shift to these jobs has increased. Moreover, these jobs are more high-paying compared to other traditional jobs. 

Data-driven decision-makers 

AI tools and development will also impact other jobs indirectly. Individuals who understand AI and can operate it effectively will have a competitive edge. The AI drive on data and the need for data organization for any brand to attract more customers is constantly increasing. So, job roles with an understanding of AI or the use of data for decision-making will increase. Data will eventually become an integral part of every other element in the business and consumer world. So, individuals who can make data-driven decisions will have a more competitive edge in every business niche. 

The ultimate dilemma: Would AI replace you? 

The fear of AI eating up most jobs is quite irrational for now. Yes, it would replace a few for sure but would create more too. However, you still are replaceable, not with AI but with a more skillful human prompting his/her work with these new AI (automation) tools.

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