Episode #6: Exploring the Capabilities of ChatGPT with Vineet Kosaraju From OpenAI

Get an in-depth look at the power and potential of OpenAI’s language model, Chat GPT.

This episode provides a high-level understanding of how Chat GPT functions, how it can be utilized to enhance robust reasoning capabilities, and the potential benefits, risks and limitations of using this technology.

The guest speaker in this episode Vineet Kosaraju is a member of the technical staff at OpenAI and part of the “Mathgen” team. He has extensive experience in the field of computer science and 2.5 years of work experience at OpenAI. He has provided a technical deep dive into the capabilities of Chat GPT.

Prior to OpenAI, Vineet completed his bachelor’s and master’s in computer science at Stanford, where he focused most of his research on techniques applied to autonomous vehicles. Vineet also briefly spent time as an intern at Tesla Autopilot and at Google Search.

The webinar highlights:-

* His Journey as an AI developer

* Introduction to Chat GPT and large language models (LLMs)

* Real-life applications and use cases

* Advancements in the landscape of AI

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