Fintech Industry – What is it?

Technology is making its mark in every sphere, and finance is no exception. Technological advancements in financial services have made life easier for consumers and businesses. In layman’s terms, the involvement of technology in the finance sector is called ‘FinTech’.

If you’re investing in cryptocurrency or making payments online, you’re also a part of the globalized FinTech world. FinTech technology has been around for ages now. However, it was the expanded use of the internet that highly contributed to the growth of the fintech industry.

If you also find FinTech interesting and wish to know more about FinTech trends, and opportunities, then worry not because we have got you covered. Continue reading this article to know the details of the FinTech industry, the reasons to choose it, and the available career options.

Why FinTech?

FinTech has taken all across the globe but you may wonder how it is impacting you. Then you may not know that everything you use from your payment apps to online trading platforms is a part of this unique innovation.

According to Plaid, FinTech is one of the most popular technologies used by consumers all across the world. It is playing a crucial role in changing the financial dynamics worldwide. Fintech companies have reduced their dependency on traditional financial methods. Now, you don’t need to rush to banks for your every financial need, but that is easily accessible to you at your fingertips. And you can easily share it, spend it, and do much more than that.

Some reasons that boost the popularity of the FinTech Industry are:


According to Forbes, enhanced inclusivity is one of the reasons behind FinTech’s success. Fintech has offered a level playing field for all, including women, minorities, and immigrants.

Giving the under-deserved access to data and deals that were not easy to crack using traditional methods is not only helping the new business but FinTech as well.

Budget Friendly

One of the best utile examples of the FinTech industry is the introduction of worldwide payment systems. Such payment systems allow businesses to have a variety of tools available for their services.

They are transparent about their processing charges and also allow comparison for better judgment. With FinTech technology, nothing is hidden. So, choose services that are affordable to you, and send and receive money at reduced charges.

Secure and Reliable

FinTech companies offer enhanced security and reliability. The majority of their services are performed and stored digitally and are much safer than traditional methods.


FinTech Companies are also thriving because of the convenience they offer. Their services are quick and easily accessible to all.

FinTech has reduced the need to fill out long traditional forms or stand in long queues. Instead, you can now enjoy the updated services at your fingertip. And that too, with complete transparency.

Career opportunities in Fintech

The convenience and several attractive features offered by FinTech highly contribute to its growth and expansion. The industry is gaining huge attention from businesses and consumers. Such exponential growth is one of the reasons why individuals look to this space with a huge potential for job opportunities. And Forbes further adds that the opportunities in this field are abundant.

The industry is smart, it’s trendy, it’s blooming, and it gives opportunities to grow.

The FinTech companies offer a variety of career opportunities. If you’re also looking for some, here’s a list:

App Developer

From start-ups to big FinTech companies, each firm aims to hunt good App Developers. These App Developers play a crucial role in developing apps, intending to be attractive and entertaining to consumers.

From shopping to watching online content, consumers these days spend a lot of time on apps. And in such a scenario, building good apps can bring great profits to a FinTech company.

Blockchain Developer

Fintech is all about the embodiment of technology in finance. For example, online payment systems. The majority of its services like fast and secure payment, easy transactions, and stored data are performed using Blockchain technology.

The dependency of the FinTech industry on Blockchain technology makes Blockchain Developers an attractive career option.

Data Specialist

Data, these days, is a major part of our lives and is shaping our day-to-day activities. And FinTech is no exception. To make the best use of data, companies hire Data Specialists.

They are responsible for reading all kinds of hot trends, consumer behavior, and other strategies to convert them into something useful.

Their readings are then used for Fintech planning, investment, and more.


An Analyst in the FinTech industry is expected to handle a bunch of responsibilities.

Companies hire them to read future trends, risks, opportunities, and more. Analysts are crucial to improve a company’s efficiency. Thus, these analysts are in huge demand in the FinTech world.


Fintech Overview

The FinTech industry has consistently evolved in recent years.  Bloomberg further predicts the industry to reach $ 949. 49 billion by 2030. It also mentions how enhanced use of AI, cloud-based software, and data integration in services are positively impacting FinTech’s success.

Ant Group, Stripe, and Revolut are some of the most big FinTech companies in 2023. They are consistently growing and adding services to improve their delivery. Looking at all the FinTech hot trends, predictions, and stats, it won’t be wrong to say that FinTech is home to a bundle of opportunities, for one to experiment and explore.


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