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Hello, young learners and future trailblazers!  As you stand on the threshold of one of life’s most exciting journeys – choosing a specialization for college or a career path – it’s crucial to embark on this adventure with a clear mind and an understanding of what options you have. 

  1. Look Inside Yourself

Before you decide, take some time to really think about what you like learning.  What are the things you enjoy doing?  This isn’t just about what you’re good at, but what makes you happy and excited.  This may help give an intuitive insight to what you might like to do later.

  1. Listen to Your Heart

Do you feel excited about a certain path?  Make sure you’re choosing it because you like it, not just because friends, parents, or others say you should.  Sometimes, we think we want something because our friends, parents, or other people tell us we should.  It’s important to know what you want, not what others want for you.

  1. Who Do You Admire?

Think about people who inspire you, people you look up to. What is special about them? Do you have some of the same qualities?  If not yet, do you know if they had some of the same qualities that you do at your age?  Note however that while it is great to have role-models, it is important to remember that you are your own person.

  1. Your Own Motivation

Ask yourself if you are excited to follow your dreams on your own, or if you need others to push you. If you need a push, why is that?  What if the push goes away?  Knowing this can help you become more independent and more aware about interests and career aspirations.

  1. Write It Down

Start writing a diary just for yourself and maybe a blog to share with others.  You can start even when you are in high school as young as age 13 using MySphere.  Writing helps you understand your thoughts better. 

  1. Lots of Choices

Today, learning and jobs can change and mix together in many ways.  You’re not stuck with one choice forever. Keep track of what you’re learning and getting better at.  This will help you focus and be ready for changes.


Remember, choosing what to study or what job you want is about knowing yourself.  Have fun exploring and learning about what you like.  The future is full of possibilities for you!

Self-reflection is a powerful tool in helping you gain clarity on what college subject or career path to choose.  When you engage in self-reflection, you take time to understand your interests, strengths, weaknesses, and passions. This process helps you identify subjects and careers that align with who you are and what you enjoy.   For instance, if you love solving puzzles and are good at math, a career in engineering might be a good fit. Or, if you find joy in helping others and are interested in science, healthcare or social work could be your calling.

The landscape of education and careers is much more flexible than it was for previous generations. There’s a growing emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, where different fields of study intersect and complement each other. For example, technology and healthcare are increasingly intertwined, leading to new fields like health informatics.  This flexibility means that the choices you make now are not necessarily permanent.  You can start in one area and shift to another as your interests and the job market evolve.  For example, you might start studying computer science and later combine it with business to enter the tech entrepreneurship space. 

Keeping track of your learning outcomes and progress towards your goals is crucial in this dynamic environment. For example, if your goal is to become a software developer, your milestones might include learning a new programming language, building a project, or getting an internship. Monitoring your progress in achieving these milestones will help you stay focused and motivated.

In summary, self-reflection helps you understand yourself better and make informed decisions about your educational and career paths. The flexibility in today’s learning and career landscapes means that you can explore different interests. Keeping track of your progress and continuously developing your skills will help you navigate these paths with greater confidence and focus.

How to get started with Self-reflections? 
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